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This is the A.I.M...or accuracy improvement module!  There are many on-board, weapon grip support systems out there by many names, but ours (of course) is unique!  The A.I.M. folds away to give your weapon a slimmer profile and rests on board without replacing critical components like the slide stop! 

The A.I.M. is completely DIY and currently available for the following platforms:

Glock (all)

S&W M&P (all)

FN (509, 502,503,509)

Sig Sauer (320, 226)

Tanfoglio (Defiant Series-all, Combat-all, Domina, Gold Match)

Taurus (G3, GX, TH)

Standard 1911

Standard 2011 (all)  


The SSG S.A.S.S is an innovative approach to improving the follow-up shot(s).  The S.A.S.S. accomplishes this by placing the front sight on the barrel instead of the slide of the weapon.  Hence maintaining the front sight in one position while the slide reciprocates as designed.  This leads to more accurate and faster follow-up shots.

Currently the S.A.S.S. comes in two models: the Alpha and Omega.

Alpha models (shown here) are essentially slides made to factory specs with our patented design.  Omega Models are the same with slide cuts and our patented barrel is ported!  The ported barrel does not require additional parts or extensions and therefore doesn't require the shooter to purchase a new holster! 

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